NGT’s services include 3PL (Third Party Logistics) solutions to their clients including:


NGT owns a dedicated fleet of over 250 containerized vehicles of diverse carrying capacities to provide the clients with the appropriate and most effective solutions. All vehicles are manned by highly skilled drivers and a team of qualified technical staff who make sure all the vehicles are ready and road worthy.

It has the capacity to provide Full Truck Service throughout India using trucks and containerised service of vehicle sizes 20 feet, 24 feet, 28 feet, 30 feet, 32 feet and 40 feet. NGT provides Express Cargo Service using Containerised Vehicles for faster, safer delivery of material as well as Trailer Service across India.

It also has one of the youngest fleets in the country for better and trouble free support to their business partners. The company has also signed agreements with other fleet operators that allow for deployment of vehicles at a 72 hour notice.


NGT is ready with answers to the warehousing needs of the customers. At present, they have over 7 operational warehouses across India and an there is an additional area of over 100,000 sq feet under development for warehousing purposes. They also provide tailor made warehousing facilities for their clients, on request and are equipped to provide long term and short term warehousing solutions across India in a short span of time.


The company is capable of providing ground services and consultation to strengthen local and national distribution and supply chain.


NGT is also capable of providing solutions to queries of the clients regarding the management of the flow of goods and other resources including inventory, warehousing, material handling etc and arrive at a suitable conclusion to make the process more disciplined and much faster.

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