NGT Freight Carriers has one of the youngest fleets in the country for better support to all their business partners. As a company policy, they maintain a young and healthy fleet which assists in providing the best services to their clients. NGT owns a dedicated fleet of over 250 containerized vehicles of varied carrying capacities.

NGT Freight Carriers also has over 250 dedicated vehicles of different capacities. All these vehicles are manned by highly skilled drivers and a team of qualified technical personnel who make sure all the vehicles are road worthy. The company has also signed agreements with other fleet operators that allow for deployment of vehicles at a 72 hour notice.

The various types of vehicles that NGT can provide with are:

• 9 ton trucks (6 wheeler)

• 16 ton trucks (10 wheeler)

• Containerised vehicles of 20 feet, 24 feet, 28 feet, 30 feet and 32 feet with detachable containers following the ISO norms

• Also, 20 feet and 40 feet trailers

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